Why Is Money Talk Still So Taboo?

2016 was the year I became really interested in personal finance. I’ve loved reading about tips and tricks to getting value for money, learning new concepts, discovering new ways to budget and how to have conversations about money. What I’ve really noticed is that I can quite easily have frank conversations with people I’ve never met before, clearly because we have the same interest, but not with people who I encounter physically in my every day life.

Don’t get me wrong, we can talk in general terms but despite knowing intimate details of my friends lives, I actually have no idea how they are doing financially speaking.

Maybe it’s none of my business but money plays a huge role in all our lives – whether we have a lot or not enough and its become really evident to me that so many people are really hesitant to discuss it in figures.

I think its important to know how the people around you are doing financially. I care about their physical, mental and emotional well-being so to me it makes no sense that something that is so problematic for some people and the cause of so much stress and anxiety is spoken about very generally and then swept aside.

All I can gather is that money makes people uncomfortable and some may not want to be seen as bragging or wallowing. But I honestly believe that you can have a conversation about money without judgement.

Conversation is how we learn to see beyond our own perspectives. It’s how we can further develop how we feel about a topic. It’s how we create deeper bonds with those around us. And it can make us realise that sometimes we do need a little guidance.

To tell the truth, my financial speak is lacking. I still shy away from certain subjects especially around those where I know I’ll be judged because I don’t earn as much as they do. What I’m coming to realise is that other people will always have expectations of me but it’s not my responsibility to uphold those.

So I can’t let that stop me. I’m going to force myself to have conversations about money with those in my life. I’m going to be honest about my own issues with finances. I’m going to be upfront if it’s not in my budget to go out for dinner. I’m going to do these things with the hopes that others will do the same so we can be open and honest about all aspects of our lives without fearing any judgement.

Does money talk make you uncomfortable?

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