Purpose – My Word For 2017

Being the second week of the new year, I have all these intentions on how I want my year to be. So many thoughts about what I want to do, what I want to achieve and how to be the person that I want to be.

There’s been a bit of a shift amongst the wellness world away from resolutions and even goals and towards a one word (or statement) that people are choosing to live by. It’s a word that they use to sum up their existence for their year. Words like productive, faith, freedom, security and resilience permeate the blogs of people who are choosing to take this path.

It takes a bit of time to think of one word to sum up an entire year. But I think I’ve got mine. Actually no, I know I’ve got mine.


That is what I want my life to encompass.

I’ve thought a lot about how I live my life and I don’t really have any sort of plan of attack. I go about my day without much thought and really, without much purpose.

I want to strive for more.

I want there to be purpose in everything I do, from the clothes I wear, to the groceries I buy, even to what I do with my spare time. I want my finances to work as hard as they can rather than just help me work towards vague ideas. I want decisions regarding my health and well-being to be in line with the goals I’ve set for myself. I want my relationships with the people around me to fulfil me rather than act as a filler. I want to act with intention and know that everything I do has some sort of meaning to it.

I know purpose is the perfect word for me right now. But the year is long and I don’t want to limit myself to this word if things change. I’ll keep this word as my driving force for as long as it makes sense and if it needs to change or expand, then so be it!

Do you have a word/phrase to sum up your year?

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