Project Pan 50

I heard about this idea a few years ago. The idea behind Project Pan 50 is to throw out 50 items of skincare and cosmetics, forcing you to downsize and keep the items that you actually use. I’ve actually done this before and threw out much more than the 50 items but now that I don’t buy as much, I want to see whether I can do it or whether I’ll hold on things.

Its amazing the amount of products I had previously kept ‘just in case.’ That statement seems to be a big hindrance in me being able to let go and throw things out. I always end up thinking of the cost – ‘but it was expensive’ or ‘what if I throw it out only to find I need it next month and have to buy another one.’

To be honest, my skincare routine is pretty simple – for day time it’s cleanse, moisturise with a day cream and sunscreen. At night its cleanse, leave Retinal A cream on for half an hour then wash off, then moisturise with a night cream.

My make up routine is just as simple . For work I only use mascara and powder and that’s if I bother to wear any make up at all. When I’m going out, I may wear BB cream or foundation, mascara, some eye shadow, eyebrow powder, bronzer and some lip gloss.

Considering how simply it all is, its incredible I still have so many products.

So I’m really excited to be doing this project again. I want to be able to have just the essentials without too much fluff distracting me. It’ll be good to get rid of all the expired make up. It’ll be great as well as my bathroom will be renovated within the next 6 months so it’ll be really nice to start with what will feel like a clean slate.

Have you done Project Pan 50? If not, would you consider doing it?

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