Why Do Others Find It So Hard To ‘Adult’ And I Don’t?

For some reason, growing up and doing those ‘adult’ things never really seemed that scary to me.

I guess I’ve been lucky to grow up in Australia where the transition from young adult to adult is more fluid compared to say, America where there seems to be a clear distinction. The transition seems to start when teenagers go off to collage and ends when they finish. Once finished, that’s when you become an adult.

Here in Australia it seems to be vastly different if, like me, you live within a major city as universities are easily accessible should this be the path you’re taking.  I live in Melbourne and where I lived at the time, I had 5 different universities all within 30 kms from me. So whilst studying I was able to live at home. I was also able to study part time so I could work as well, thus allowing me to earn my own money. Whilst I didn’t pay any sort of board or rent (my parents outright refused to take anything) I contributed in other ways that helped shape the financial situation I’m in now. Instead of giving money, I cooked, I cleaned and I learnt to be responsible.

I lived at home until I was 26, when I purchased my first home with my partner. I was able to do so because I didn’t have to move away to attend university, nor was there a pressure to complete my course in the 3 year time frame. I was able to learn and grow at my own pace. I’m also incredibly lucky in that here, our student loans don’t need to be paid back until you earn over a certain amount. As I don’t have much career ambition, every job I’ve held sits just under the threshold so at the moment I’m not losing money on paying back loans (I am however, very aware of the interest that is accumulating – I’m currently working on that).

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve had those scary moments. Forking out more than my yearly salary on a home deposit was scary but it wasn’t an “OMFG, WTF AM I DOING?!” moment. It was more of an “Oh, shit. This is actually going to happen” moment for me.

My partner and I when we bought our first home

So I’m going to thank my upbringing for not finding the transition scary or confronting. Our circumstances were constantly changing so I simply learned to roll with the punches. And now I do what I can in order to prepare for when something does happen. I’m also going to thank the fact that I don’t compare myself to others because if I did, I’m sure I’d find the transition much more daunting.

So here’s my advice – Chill out.

Growing up is all about making changes and decisions that you aren’t entirely comfortable with. Make decisions that are educated. And just trust in yourself.

Do you find it hard to adult?

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