Feb-Fast Update

December and January, like for many people,  involve a lot of indulgences. There’s usually an excess of food, and for most an excess of alcohol and for some an excess of smoking. Sadly I partake in all 3 and whilst it’s enjoyable at the time, I really do feel like shit the next day.

I’ve been thinking a lot about quitting drinking for a certain length of time. I feel like I could do it because I can go days/weeks without drinking but I’ve never actually tested myself. I’ve had a bit of practice because I’ve been getting regular blood tests since June 2016 to check my liver function and they are most accurate when you haven’t consumed any alcohol for 5 days prior.

So February is the month for me. I’ve also teamed it up with my no smoking for 90 days so I’m hoping overall I’ll feel better and more energetic.

It’s Day 15 and I’ve been doing pretty well. I haven’t really felt like a drink at all and it hasn’t bothered me when other people have been drinking. I did however have some friends try to force a bottle of wine down my throat but that was all in good fun.

To be honest, I think other people have much more of an issue with it than I do. They seem to think its about them rather than about you and that you’re making a passive-aggressive dig at them. But really that’s not my problem.

I haven’t really noticed a massive difference in how I feel which is disappointing. I’m sleeping as much as I usually do and the quality seems to be the same. I do think I’m substituting my evening wine with chocolate but not sure whether that’s a direct link or whether I’m doing it because there are open blocks of chocolate at home and usually there isn’t any.

All in all, I’m doing pretty well. It’s been easy for me which is not a surprise as I don’t drink a lot to start with. I also haven’t smoked so it’s been 32 days since I’ve had a cigarette and I also haven’t had any cravings for it.

Have you ever given up alcohol and if so, how did you find it?

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