The Epitome of Not Giving A Fuck

There’s this person in my life that I really admire and respect. She’s gone through hell and back, and hell and back again and although she’s been bitterly hurt and used, she’s come out stronger for it.

She is the epitome of not giving a fuck.

We met in high school although we didn’t actually attend the school at the same time – I left at the end of year 8 and she started in year 9 but she became friends with a group of girls I was friendly with so we met and hung out. Never one on one but in a group situation we would hang. We lost touch once we graduated but due to social media we became acquainted again. She’s the girl I can count on to come see bands from our youth doing their final tour and events that involve dancing/gymnastics.

The reason I admire her is because she really does what she wants. She goes to bars and clubs by herself if that’s what she feels like doing. She goes to concerts by herself simply because she wants to see a band and doesn’t care if she doesn’t have someone with her. And I don’t mean it in that creepy way some people go to things on their own. She just doesn’t let the fact she’s on her own stop her. If she’s no longer interested in a conversation, she will politely excuse herself and not feel forced to pay attention. If she doesn’t want to go somewhere she will simply say ‘no, thank you,’ offer no explanation and leave it at that.

I think that is a quality every woman should have. Actually its a quality every single person should have. To be so aware and in tune with what you want and to just do it. Someone who is completely at ease with being alone at public events. Someone who won’t let themselves be stopped by something as trivial as appearing to be a loner by strangers. Someone who comfortably says no without feeling guilt, and yes without feeling obligated.

This is something I want to improve on. I’m already pretty good at eating out on my own and going to places like the beach or the movies by myself  but I want to do more things simply because I want to and not let the fact that I’m alone stop me.

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