Goal Update – February

Considering February is only 28 days, it feels like its lasted a lifetime. Here is my goal update.


  • To reduce body fat by 5% through exercise and eating well in 6 months
    My body fat hasn’t dropped yet but I’m not overly surprised. My first two weeks of February were a bit blah and I wasn’t overly concerned with eating well and exercising. I’m much happier with the second half of the month but to be honest, my heart isn’t 100% committed to this goal. I mean I want to achieve it but I’m not really doing all that I can.
  • To not smoke for 90 days
    It’s been 46 days since my last cigarette so I’m just over halfway – 51% through. I still have cravings. I very much wanted one on Saturday but I think that was because I was catching up with a friend I haven’t seen in about 6 years and we used to always smoke together when we caught up so was more habit rather than really wanting one.
  • To exercise 4 times a week for 3 months
    I’m about 2 weeks into this goal. I have exercised at least 4 times a week so I’m pretty happy with the effort. I’m surprised because normally when I set a goal to exercise I inevitably end up sick and have to stop thus breaking the momentum but not so much this time!


  • To save $250 a month for 20 months in order to enrol into a life/health coaching course.
    I’ve popped February’s $250 into a bank account.
  • Arrange to pay $200 a month to HECS debt by March.
    This one is proving a bit more difficult than I anticipated. For some ridiculous reason I can’t make any sort of online payment and I have to go into a post office in order to do it. I also need a payment reference number which I’ve been unable to find – doesn’t seem to be on my MyGOV account or any of my previous HECS Statements and I just can’t bring myself to call the ATO although I may have to. So this one is still a work in progress. I have put the $200 away though so I can make that payment once I can.
  • Only purchase lunch one Friday a month and bring lunch from home all other work days.
    Bought a bacon and egg roll last Friday. And that was it!


  • Declutter, throw out/donate and organise one space each month for 12 months.
    Did my bedside table. Was going to do my partner’s but I figure that is his space and he’ll clean it out if/when he wants.


  • To be able to do a split on left and right leg by the end of 2017
    Left split is so close. So, so close. Right needs a bit of work and straddle is a long way off.
  • To be able to do a back and front walkover by the end of 2017
    I’m feeling more strength in my arms when doing a back-bend so I guess I’m progressing. I went to the Gymnastics World Cup on Saturday night and I’m really keen to get the flexibility goals completed.

I was also doing Feb Fast and I didn’t complete it. I broke on Saturday the 18th at a friends 30th birthday where I had a couple of sparkling wines to celebrate. I also had one cider last night at the beach. Other than that I haven’t had anything else so whilst I didn’t complete the full 28 days I’m pretty happy with how I’ve gone. Although I’ve known it before, I’ve realised that alcohol doesn’t really add much to my experiences so I only want to do it to enjoy rather than because its the done thing to do.

I am starting a new goal today though – aptly titled ‘Minimalist March.’ I’m going to be taking part in the 30 day minimalist challenge but obviously 31 days to tie in with the March calendar. If you’re not familiar with the 30 day challenge it basically entails de-cluttering based on the day of the month. So 1st March you throw out 1 item, 2nd March you through out 2 items and so forth until you reach day 31. Anything that needs to be thrown out will be done immediately and anything that can be donated will be put into my donation pile. I’m hoping to make a weekly trip to donation centres around my area throughout the month – to be honest I’m a bit embarrassed by the amount of stuff I have in my donation pile so would prefer to drop off at various locations!

So that’s my update.

How are you going so far this year?

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