How I Save Money By Spending A Little Bit More

I used to do a weekly shop and found that I was throwing out most of the food I’d purchased. Why? Well, between the two family meals my partner and I have at our respective parents places, plus those leftovers and random brunches and dinners out, we don’t actually need that much between us. But occasionally we have those weeks where we barely leave the house, eat everything, run out and then have to bulk up and waste that.

So my strategy to combat waste has been to only pick up what I need for that night and occasionally adding in items for a meal the next night. This means only buying 2 bananas instead of a bunch, buying 1 bunch of asparagus or broccoli instead of a few to last the week. It also means re-evaluating whether I really need the 4 avocados for $10 if they are already on their way to ripening because I’ll just end up throwing it out anyway. So whilst that seems like a good deal, if I’m not going to eat 3 of them then I’m paying $10 for 1 avocado.

I admit, this can be hard. I personally hate having to go shopping every afternoon after work. Some days I just want to go straight home, sit on the couch and eat cereal for dinner. But I’m lucky that I can go at lunch times and keep my food in the fridge throughout the day (Side Tip – if you’re forgetful, keep your car keys in the bag in the fridge so you can’t leave without your groceries). This serves me well as where I work, there is a culture to eat at your desk and work through lunch so this gives me an opportunity to leave the office.

I’ve realized that this method has actually saved me money despite not buying up big. I’ve found that sometimes it’s better to spend a tiny bit more knowing you will actually eat everything you’ve purchased rather than buying a lot, saving and then throwing most of it away.

Do you do a weekly shop or a little every couple of days?

2 thoughts on “How I Save Money By Spending A Little Bit More

  1. Smart tip about leaving your car keys in the bag in the fridge. You just have to be sure that no one will knick the bag and make off with your keys. Ha ha. But for an office like yours, a very smart tip. I love it. 🙂


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