Things I Don’t Give A Fuck About

About a month ago I wrote a post about the ‘Not Giving a Fuck‘ philosophy and initially I wanted it to go in one direction and it went somewhere else so here is part 2.

Here I am going to list a number of things that I just don’t give a fuck about

  • Other people’s travel stories – I honestly don’t care about your travel stories. Unless you did something that the majority of tourists do not do, I don’t want to hear it. And no, I don’t want to look at the thousands of photos that you haven’t bothered going through yet.
  • Other people buying houses – Whilst I’m happy for you, I don’t care where it is, how much it cost, what it looks like or what you’re going to do with it. See how my eyes are glazing over? It’s because I don’t give a fuck. But again, I’m happy for you!
  • Cars – Just get me from A to B safely. I don’t need any more details.
  • Coffee – I don’t drink it therefore I don’t want to hear if yours is bitter, burnt, or any other adjective. I don’t care.
  • Hearing complaints about public transport – seriously, it’s public transport. Deal with it and stop whinging.
  • Complaints about traffic –  I don’t give a fuck if you get stuck in traffic everyday. It’s obviously just a part of your life so deal with it. Silently.
  • Your kids milestones – The only kid I care about right now is my nephew. Mostly because I’m invested in him. I don’t care if your kids went on the potty. I certainly don’t need to see said potty posted on facebook.
  • Kale – I know its healthy but I hate it.
  • Your gym workout – I’m glad your working out and getting healthy and tbh I do love the pics you post on Instagram but I don’t want a rundown of your exact workout. I don’t care because what works for you is probably not going to work for me, or I’ve already tried it.

What do you not give a fuck about?

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