How I Create Structure In My Life

I realised today that apparently I don’t know how to schedule posts on WordPress. I thought I had them all lined up for last week but alas, it seems my scheduling has failed. Which funnily enough ties into this post very much. Following on from my post about Productive Days Off, I discovered that I really crave structure. Well to be fair, I crave the illusion of structure. I love having to do lists, I love knowing what my day will entail (and lets be honest, my weeks and months as well), I love being able to schedule things in way in advance (except sometimes that doesn’t work!) and I love being able to visually see what that looks like.

I realised I’ve been craving structure because other than work I really have no obligations with my time and find that I’m wasting more and more of it and when I look back, I wish I had used my free time more effectively.

So I’ve used the habits I developed from Productive Days Off post to give me the structure and routine I desire during my off days.

I know these items will be more guidelines rather than absolutes but I’m really ok with that. It means that I have something to look forward to, but I can choose to ignore it if I want to.

First I start by writing down a list of things I want to do during the week. I include all the boring things like cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming, paying bills, grocery shopping etc and pick the day during the week I want to do those tasks. I then add the stuff I actually want to do to the list and start allocating those to certain days.

Whilst this can seem very structured it’s actually not. It just gives me an indication of what I wanted to achieve during the day but really it’s up to me whether I want to fulfill that or not.

Here’s a snap shot for my Sunday last week:

  1. Lunch at mums
  2. Dinner at the in-laws
  3. Yoga
  4. Move furniture
  5. Clean Bathroom
  6. Grocery shop for work lunches
  7. Vacuum downstairs
  8. Buy new jeans

It’s by no means an extensive list but it helps me use my time efficiently and effectively. Being Easter Sunday the first two things on the list were non-negotiable but the last 6 weren’t but I know that if I don’t get them done that day I’ll have to find another day to do them. In the end I didn’t do yoga or buy new jeans which is fine as they weren’t things that had to be done.

Some days doing this doesn’t work at all but I find that the majority of days it does, simply because I love ticking things off a list.

3 thoughts on “How I Create Structure In My Life

  1. I’m on the same wavelength as you: I even plan what I’m going to cook until my next food shopping. But I don’t schedule posts: I write them as I get the inspiration and I like to reply to comments straightaway.


    1. I only tried to schedule because i knew id be busy last week but i think its the universes way of saying ‘don’t worry about it!’

      Meal planning is the one thing im terrible at. My fiancé and i can never stick to it but we have a system that works for us!

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      1. I’d say don’t worry too much about meal planning until you’re cooking for five people, like me 🙂 If you’ve got a system that works for you, the Italians say ‘ as long as the boat goes, leave it ‘(finche’ la barca va, lasciala andare).
        And I see that you like to reply to comments straightaway too! Have a great day ( what have you got planned for today? It’s school holiday here so I’m shopping with my girls)

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