Goal Update – April

Renovations are well underway now. We’re staying at my fiance’s parents place after I decided that no, I can’t use a port-a-loo all the damn time and no, I don’t want to drive somewhere to have a shower. Lets just say it’s been much easier than anticipated but it’s still frustrating living in someone else’s home that you can’t treat as such.

But moving on, here are my updates


  • To reduce body fat by 5% through exercise and eating well in 6 months
    As I said previously, my heart isn’t into this one anymore. I can’t seem to do it on my own so I made an appointment to see my doctor to help me through the nutrition and exercise stuff. I have no idea if I need a nutritionist, a dietitian, a therapist or what but I clearly need some help and accountability so I’m taking steps to do so. It feels a bit like failure that I can’t seem to do this on my own but hey, I’ve never been afraid of asking for help so I don’t know why this would be any different. I was planning to weigh myself monthly when I decided to stop weighing myself weekly but I haven’t even done that, mostly because I have no idea where my scales are but it doesn’t matter now. Whilst I need to lose weight, the idea is to be fitter and healthier.
  • To not smoke for 90 days
    It’s been 114 days since my last cigarette so I killed this one. I still like the smell of smoke and I still get very tempted but I can do without them and I want to do without them!
  • To exercise 4 times a week for 3 months
    April wasn’t a great month for this one. Most of my home was under tarps and there wasn’t any space to exercise. I have set up my yoga mat and weights at my fiance’s parents place so that makes it a bit easier.


  • To save $250 a month for 20 months in order to enrol into a life/health coaching course.
    I’ve popped April’s $250 into a bank account.
  • Arrange to pay $200 a month to HECS debt by March.
    I have $600 in an account. At the moment I can’t reach the filing cabinet where my HECS stuff is so I still haven’t actually done anything about paying it off but at least I’m putting money away for it.
  • Only purchase lunch one Friday a month and bring lunch from home all other work days.
    I think I bought lunch a few times during April. But only once the renovations started. We moved out quite quick so for a few days I wasn’t prepared enough so I had to buy something. They’ve been little things that aren’t costly which is good.


  • Declutter, throw out/donate and organise one space each month for 12 months.
    Haven’t done a new space yet. Again I can’t really get into my house easily so this one will be on hold until renos are done.


  • To be able to do a split on left and right leg by the end of 2017
    I noticed yesterday that my right has gotten much closer to the ground which is great. Left hasn’t moved a lot but my right leg is sitting straighter on the ground and I’m sitting up straighter also so that to me is an improvement.
  • To be able to do a back and front walkover by the end of 2017
    I need to get a move on this one. It’s already May and I can’t even do a standing back bend. I want to be able to do that by August at the latest.

I feel that so many of my goals are reliant on having consistency and unfortunately this year I don’t have it but change happens and I just have to roll with it.

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