Best Time To…

So many articles to read and so little time.

It’s funny that there are so many that focus on the best time to do x. Best time to exercise. Best time to eat breakfast. Best time for sleep. Best time for sex. Best time to shower. But is there really a best time that fits everyone?

I think we all know the answer is no.

Whilst these articles are great, it’s really a matter of finding what works for you. Best time to exercise? Best time to eat breakfast? Most articles would say that early morning is best time to exercise and to eat within 30 minutes of finishing. Well I can do the early morning exercise but I prefer after work. And I can’t eat breakfast that early because my body does not react well to it. This is what works for me despite the advice that I read.iration whilst staying true to my body and what it wants and needs. I now get up at 5.30 am and do a light 20 minute workout and go for a walk before work. But if I’m actually really tired (and not just lazy) or not feeling well I won’t do it. I eat breakfast anytime between 9.30 and noon. If by chance I’m hungrier earlier then I’ll eat earlier. I sleep when I feel the need (except at work unfortunately), same with sex, showering and everything else.

This is what works for me despite the advice that I read. It’s all about finding a balance and finding what is best for your body.

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