My Idea Of Self Care

The Self-Care Sunday trend has really taken off. Personally I don’t care much about Sunday because I usually have familial obligations so the weekend is rarely about me. But my fiance does work night shifts and these are the times that I usually indulge in what I want.

It looks different every time and it does depend on what night of the week it is. If its a weeknight it usually involves yoga with the dog trying to kick me in the face, cooking myself a nice meal that I wouldn’t cook for my fiance (because he’s fussy, not because I don’t want to cook him delicious food) with very loud bad pop music and watching Pretty Little Liars with a glass on wine in hand. Some nights I might stay up to 2 in the morning watching horror movies, waking the next morning whenever my body feels like it. Or it could be your typical idea of self-care activities – long shower, face mask and nail polish.

My self care looks very different to what you see on Instagram. It’s not always about meditation, green smoothies and sun salutations on the rocks at the beach at sunrise. Its about finding what works for you and what brings you peace or whatever it is you seek. Self care can be a nap in the afternoon, a glass of wine with dinner, reading a book via candlelight or watching your favourite show. Its meant to be something that makes you feel good inside, that lets you relax and ease yourself back into the moment rather than having your mind run at a million miles an hour. Just remember that it’s what serves you and not what is picture perfect.

5 thoughts on “My Idea Of Self Care

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