Failing As An Adult – A Birthday Reminder

It’s my birthday today and I am now 31.

Each year I use my birthday as a reminder to do all those things that I hate doing – mostly doctors appointments. This year I actually had the appointments on my birthday and I knocked out two of them – my skin check check up and a general check up at the doctors.

I was pretty proud of myself because for some reason despite health being a priority for me this year, I still tend to put it off. Frankly the money side of things kills me. My skin check was $80 which I’ll only get back $21 (honestly, for a country with such a high rate of skin cancer you’d think the rebate would be a bit more generous) and for the doctor I paid $82 and will get back around $37. I know that with the doctor I could go to a bulk billing but I love my doctor. She is so great so I begrudgingly to hand over the cash to see her.

And whilst I was giving props to myself for being so adult I got to thinking about a conversation I had a few weeks ago about failing as an adult. Generally I think I’m pretty good but there are a few things a friend mentioned that she read that really demonstrate it. It’s mostly to do with cleaning and hygiene.

Here’s a few of those things

  • Changing your bra daily
  • Fresh towel after two uses
  • Changing bed sheets every week
  • Changing pillow cases after two nights
  • Throwing out or cleaning your kitchen sponge once a week
  • Washing your hair twice a week
  • Being able to cook 5 meals from scratch

Here’s what I do

  • Changing your bra daily – I had no idea you were meant to do this. I mean you obviously do for underwear but I just didn’t think bras were in the same vein. I definitely don’t do this.
  • Fresh towel after two uses – yea no, I’m lucky if I switch towels after 5 days. I can just never remember to get a fresh one although now that I actually have room to store them in the bathroom I might get better at this.
  • Changing bed sheets every week – again, no. Again, lucky to do this twice a month (but more like once a month).
  • Changing pillow cases after two nights – So I totally get this one but again I definitely do not do this.
  • Throwing out or cleaning your kitchen sponge once a week – yea no. Occasionally I’ll soak them in a vinegar/baking soda mix but usually not. I do throw them out once they get a bit manky but it’s definitely not once a week.
  • Washing your hair twice a week – now I think this is one of those contentious ones because some people wash every day and some never. My fiance hasn’t washed his hair in about 10 years with shampoo. He wets it and gets rid of a lot of the oil with hot water but he doesn’t wash it. I haven’t actually washed mine since April either. I just ‘wash’ it with hot water as well. It does mean brushing my hair more often and with multiple brushes that do different things but according to this, I’m definitely failing.
  • Being able to cook 5 meals from scratch – well my meals are pretty basic but I can do it. I can do lasagna, beef and veggie stew, pasta with mushroom sauce, roast lamb with veggies and mac and cheese. Win!

The thing that really gets me about all this is that there is so much washing involved! Do people not know how hard it is to do washing in Melbourne especially in winter? NOTHING DRIES! EVER! My wool jumper that I washed on Saturday morning is still on a clothes horse slightly damp.

It seems to me though that no matter what you do there is always someone out there who thinks you can do more and/or better than you already are. But I kinda just figure, if it doesn’t bother you or make you ill does it really matter if you don’t follow the script? Not really. Do what you need to when you can and that’s all that really matters because honestly I don’t think anyone really does most of those things that I mentioned above.


What’s something you mastered where you though ‘Ah, yup I’m an adult?’

2 thoughts on “Failing As An Adult – A Birthday Reminder

  1. nataliesalchemy

    I loved this post. I pretty much don’t complete any of the above either, and who knew we needed to change our bra? I think it’s wonderful though that you don’t throw out your sponge, and you wash it. I think it’s better to find ways not to create waste, so bravo to you! haha

    Natalie | Holistic Health, Lifestyle, & Travel


    1. It’s so interesting because I’m such a sucker for not producing wastage but then I continuously buy groceries only to throw them out a few days later because I haven’t used them. But I’m finding the balance!

      Thanks for your comment!


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