10 Things To Go Through Right Now

Last night I went on a bit of a cleaning rampage. I randomly get these moods. The ones where you are so fed up with all the shit you’ve accumulated that you just want it gone as soon as possible. It baffles me that I have so much stuff. Mostly because I feel I make an effort to not buy things I don’t need. And despite my best efforts, I end up with cupboards full of crap and I get overwhelmed.

The good thing is that because these moods strike me every couple of months I know which areas to hit so I can start feeling better about the whole situation again.

  1. Old make up – I have tonnes which is ironic because I don’t wear make up unless I have a wedding or something like that.
  2. Magazines and newspapers – I never re-read them so I have no idea why I hold on to them. It must be the money value I’ve assigned to them.
  3. Cards – unless they are sentimental, I throw cards out. The only ones I’ve kept are special ones from my parents and the ones we received at our engagement party. These are filed away so they aren’t taking up space but any others get thrown out.
  4. Food in the pantry – Go through your pantry and I bet you’ll find a number of items that you’ve used once. There’s no point keeping things ‘just in case.’
  5. Jars in the refrigerator – same principle as above. We have a number of jars and things in our fridge that we don’t use regularly enough so keeping them in the fridge just wastes space.
  6. Old cords and technology – if it hasn’t worried you in a few years its time to throw it out. When I moved I threw out a number of cords that I had kept. I had no idea what they belonged to but thought I’d keep them ‘just in case.’
  7. Samples – I used to be such a sucker for samples but they just collected in a drawer never to be used. If you don’t use them within a couple of weeks of receiving them then chances are you never will.
  8. Disliked skincare – just chuck it. If you don’t like it now, chances are you never will.
  9. Vases – I have 4. A small, medium, and two large ones. I had about 12 at once stage but I really didn’t need that many. Now I have one for each size and that’s it.
  10. CD’s – Upload all your music and make it digital and get rid of the cds. Most of my cases were broken or missing so there was no point keeping them. I did keep a couple which had autographs and are sentimental to me but I got rid of the rest.

Getting rid of these things seems like a small step but in all honesty it makes me feel a lot clearer and settled. I get really anxious when I feel I have too many things so this helps to settle that feeling. Plus it’s productive cuz most of that stuff should be done on a regular basis anyway.


Do you ever get overwhelmed by what you own?

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