Intentional Spending Wrap Up – June

My Intentional Spending month didn’t exactly go to plan and to tell the truth, nothing I do seems to but hey, we just have to go with the flow and make it work!

I did find it hard, especially the first week. And this is just what happens with me – I deny myself something and I get really anxious and fidgety and I just have to buy something. And I did. You can find out a bit more about that after my wrap up of what I did and didn’t achieve.

  • 2 birthday presents – $20 for the first and $50 for the second as it’s a 30th.
    I spent $17.90 for the first present and $55 for the second. Technically I haven’t spent the $55 yet as the lunch booking was made for after this pay month ends so it will go into next months. I also forgot to include paying for my share so this will go up to $110.
  • Dinner and drinks out for the first mentioned birthday – $100
    We decided to go for high tea instead which set me back $40.
  • Half of my eye brow appointment that I already have booked in – $300
    I knew this was around $600 but it’s actually $640 and I had to pay it upfront. Whoops
  • An outdoor dog bed as the bed now is riddled with bugs and has been destroyed – up to $100
    The bed I found at Bunnings was $59.95 but I had a $20 gift voucher (I lie, it was my fiance’s GV which I made him use for the dog bed) so in total it cost me $39.95.
  • Dinner, drinks and parking before a concert – $100
    Dinner and drinks was $70 and parking was $11
  • Nibbles and food for my birthday – Up to $300
    Irrelevant now as my fiance paid for the food. Yay!

There were a few extra purchases that I hadn’t thought of when I wrote the initial post. I spent $88.90 on tickets to see Peter Andre and CDB (I’m not even embarrassed) and I had signed up for a wine delivery in January that I had to pay which was $285. I also bought some new bras from Kmart which cost me $20 for 4 but I really did need new ones. These are the purchases that helped in the first week. They weren’t planned expenses but they weren’t impulse purchases either. I just didn’t have the foresight when I wrote the initial post to include these.

I also had a few medical expenses that again I didn’t know about until the month had already started. I was reminded that my skin check was due and I was contacted by my doctor to see her because my test results came back slightly elevated. The skin check set me back $80 in which I got back $21 and the doctor set me back $82 in which I got back $37.50.

I also signed up to the Beautiful You Coaching course and paid my deposit but as I already had that money saved, I haven’t included it as an extra expense. I didn’t find anything in my Additional Spending List but I do hope to find a water bottle soon – mine is getting a little manky.

Budgeted Spend –  $970.00
Actual Spend – $818.85
Extra Spend – $393.90

Total Spend – $1212.75

I’m actually not that disappointed with total. It’s not too bad. I spent a lot less on some things and a lot more on others so it me it almost worked out.

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