Things That Make Me Feel Better

Last night was shit. I witnessed an accident in which a woman died and a man was serious injured. It shook me quite a bit and I was understandably upset by it. I had dropped my dog off to a family friend to pet sit him whilst my house is being painted and my fiance was on night shift so I was all alone last night.

Whilst it was an awful thing to experience I still deep down generally felt ok. I was a little flat and down and had a couple of teary moments whilst watching Gossip Girl. But it got me thinking about what things I can do and actually do when I feel down like this.

Here’s the list that I came up with.

1. Pitch Perfect DVD – Synchronized lady dancing to a Mariah Carey chart-topper is not lame, ok? I love this movie because its hilarious and has so many songs that I love in it. Plus I can sing along and who doesn’t love that?

2. Ministry of Sound 2004 the Annual CD – This cd reminds me of year 12 which was my favourite year in high school. I absolutely loved it. It was the perfect mix of fun and responsibility without too many consequences if things go wrong. This cd reminds me of going to Prince of Wales every Saturday night with a friend and dancing the night away despite being under aged. We never drank, just went to dance back when you could wear jeans and a singlet top and only spend $75 between the two of you on two taxi rides, entry and food!

3. Yoga Mat – I love stretching and have been working on my flexibility. I used to be a gymnast so I’d love to get back to even 50% of what I used to be able to do. I get crabby when I don’t stretch because my back starts hurting so it’s something that definitely improves my mood. My dog also loves my yoga mat. Speaking of dogs….

4. Dogs – any dog but especially my dogs

5. Aladdin DVD – Hands down my favourite movie. Even at 31 years old.

6. Daily Greatness Journal – I’ve tried so hard to keep a journal and I just can’t. I really like this one because it’s a planner and journal in one with a yoga focus which is really handy. I actually need to get a new one. Filling it out puts into perspective what is going on in my life.

7. Sleep Stories – This is a section of the Calm app, basically they are stories that I turn on to help me fall asleep at night. It seems to work. There’s one that I listen to which goes for about 20 minutes and I don’t think I’ve ever heard the complete story! A good night sleep usually means I wake up feeling better.

8. Books – I really enjoy some of the newer self-help books as well as memoirs. Lately I’m getting back into the Children’s/Young Adult books I read years ago. I just purchased new sets of Harry Potter, the Brothers Grimm and the Roald Dalh box sets.

9. Colouring Books – I like colouring. I find it relaxing to put some music on and just sit and colour.

10. Dancing – Dancing is fun and its exercise. Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.

11. Cherry Lip Gloss – Nothing beats cherry lip glosses

12. Old Gold Coconut Chocolate – Combines two of my loves

13. Paint Brushes – I really enjoy painting but I don’t do it nearly enough because a) it’s an effort to pull everything out and b) I’m not very good at it but I want to start doing it more often.

14. iPod – I still use my iPod nano that I purchased in 2006. I love music and my iPod is mostly loaded with stuff I listened to in high school. It really doesn’t have a lot of new stuff on it.

15. Showers – there’s something about hot water that makes everything disappear and feel better. Everything is always better after a good, hot shower.

16. Trashy TV shows – I love watching TV shows that don’t require thinking or any sort of thought process to them when I’m feeling down.

17. Horror movies – for some reason I’m really drawn to horror type movies when I’m down and out. I watched the entire Saw series when I was home sick for a couple of days last year, I’ve recently watched Hush and Circle which were really good and I’m in the process of re-watching Paranormal Activity. I think they make me feel better because they make me feel different emotions to what I’m currently experiencing.

What are some things that make you feel better?

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