Project 333

Project 333 has been going around for a while now. The idea is that you wear a combination of 33 items for 3 months.

There are variations to this idea with many people adopting their own rules but the general idea remains the same.

I’m intrigued by it, mostly due to feeling that I already encompass the 33 items (or close to) without trying too hard. So I’m keen to give it a go and see whether my view is accurate or not.

Once the painters have finished I want to do another clean out of my wardrobe and then I’ll be choosing 33 items of clothing to wear to work and on weekends for 3 months. Generally gym gear is not included in the list but I am going to include one outfit because it’s generally what I wear in my down time. I will not be including any type of formal wear so if I have a special event I’ll be using an item that is not part of the 33.

During this time I will also not purchase anything unless one of the items becomes unwearable during the time frame.

I hope this exercise serves as a way to really reiterate to myself that I don’t need multiple items of clothing because I don’t mind wearing the same thing over and again. I already have an unofficial uniform for work so obviously new pieces aren’t that pivotal to me.

I already have a list of items that I know I need in order to really round out my wardrobe but maybe this will help me either refine it or discover pieces that I need that are versatile but still already work with my current offerings. Before starting I know I would like a black leather jacket. I already have one but it’s very thin and suited for summer so I would like one that is warmer. Considering I usually wear jeans I think a black leather jacket would be a good piece to add.

I’m looking forward to this project. I’ll need to wait until after I have surgery and am back at work so I imagine I won’t start until about mid September. It’ll be an interesting time because I’ll need to consider the change in seasons.

Have you completed Project 333 before? What was your experience like? If you have, please link your blog post if you’ve got one in the comments!


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