Using Your Space Effectively

I’ve decided I want to convert my spare bedroom into a home studio for myself.

I used to have this space set up for myself and my fiance had the smaller spare room for his gaming computer and garage for all the other stuff he has.

I loved it. I had my wardrobe and chest of drawers in there and that was it. My yoga mat was permanently on the floor and it was so good. My gym clothes were already in the room so working out was really easy. And it was enticing.

I lost this space when my fiance and I purchased a new bed. So the old bed went into the bigger spare room and became a second bedroom. Despite having a decent sized house I wasn’t able to find a new space in the house where I wouldn’t be interrupted by people needing to use the bathroom or the kitchen.

Its been 8 months and I already want to get rid of our spare bed. Our friends don’t stay over as often as they used to and definitely not in the same numbers. When people do stay the night they sleep on the floor or on the couch (yay for having a 7 seater!). Neither of us have family or friends who if they were to visit would stay with us as they all already have family in Melbourne so to me it’s a room that doesn’t do anything.

I read a blog post a while back (and I can’t for the life of me find it) that talked about how to use space in your own home. It spoke of all the rooms we should have but also gave some really good thought into how to use the space for what you need it to be. The woman who wrote the blog wrote about how her lounge room had 2 couches and a tv, because that’s what lounge rooms generally have but she rarely used the space. She didn’t watch tv so she usually avoided the room. She eventually decided to get rid of those things and turned her lounge room into a library/art studio where she worked on her projects and kept her books. She made herself a dedicated space for her hobbies which meant she didn’t need to use her bedroom and kitchen for these things.

That’s what I want to do. I want to convert a space that, whilst is set up exactly for its purpose, isn’t supporting or functioning in the way that I want to use it. The room becomes messy because I throw my clothes on the bed instead of putting them away. If I have something that doesn’t have a designated spot, it goes on the bed. Or the floor. You get the idea.

So what I want to do is turn it into my own little sanctuary. I want my yoga mat to have a permanent place in there. I want to invest in a ballet barre (didn’t realise they were so expensive) and potentially a pole although I may not have the space for both. I want to enjoy using that space and I want it to be my own private area to get away from everything, even for an hour.

4 thoughts on “Using Your Space Effectively

  1. nataliesalchemy

    That’s an exciting project! I think it’s important to utilize space that’s catered for our individual needs. I get tired of the homes with two dining rooms and two living rooms, and then decorating it as it’s intended, but never really using it. I think it’s smarter to convert it to something that we will actually use and enjoy. Hope to see posts about the process and the end result!

    Natalie | Natalie’s Alchemy

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    1. I completely agree with you. Its just wasteful to have rooms that are dedicated to exactly what they are if you don’t use them. I understand that when selling it’s probably important for the room to be styled in the way it’s meant to be used but until then I figure do what you want with it! I’m really looking forward to having my own space again but I will be starting most likely in October as I have surgery in a couple of weeks and then a long recovery.

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