Despite how much I want to be more careful with what I spend and only purchase things that I need, there’s still a lot of things that I want. Simply for no reason other than because I want them.

Here are a few of those things

True Rose Gold Shimmer Lip Tar – Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics US$17
Image courtesy of

True Blue Ring – Reign Sapphires US$5,100

true blue ring
Image courtesy of

Bianca – Christian Louboutin AU$1,195

Image courtesy of

Titanium Odyssey Nipple Clicker – Industrial Strength US$216

Image courtesy of


Fierce Bodysuit – Silent Arrow AU$90

Image courtesy of

Obviously the ring and the shoes are a little unobtainable although I do want a pair of Louboutins as my wedding shoes. The others, well they’re manageable in the scheme of things but it really come down to a case of do I want to actually spend money on these items and how will I feel about the decision once I have purchased them?

This is what I need to think about.


What are you currently coveting?

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