3 Days Out From Jaw Surgery

Today marks 3 days out from jaw surgery. I’m not nervous which seems to be irritating people. I’ve had lots of people tell me absolute horror stories which actually really infuriates me. Granted, I’m not nervous or stressed but why go into detail about awful things that could happen? Would you not think we’ve discussed these things with our surgeons or even googled it ourselves? It’s like when I got my wisdom teeth out and my fiance’s brothers were telling me about people who have bruises on their chests and ribs broken whilst the surgeon was trying to get their teeth out. It really adds nothing to it so here’s a tip – unless people ask, don’t share the awful things that are really a 0.00001% chance of happening.

So I’ve been reading some blogs of people who have had the same or similar surgery but what I’ve found is that people don’t talk about what they can and can’t do the first couple of days. I want to know things like can I shower on my own? Can I go to the toilet on my own? Will I need people to help me with absolutely everything? These are the things I want to know and any tips and tricks that will help me.

Anyway, before surgery I needed to get my jewelry sorted so on Saturday I headed to my piercing studio and got some plastic retainers put in. I’ve read a lot of conflicting information about metallic jewelry during surgery as well as multiple professionals telling me different things but I figured if it’s safer, I may as well swap out what I can. I ended up getting retainers only in my nipples. I took the jewelry out of my belly piercing because I’ve had it pierced for 10 years so didn’t need a retainer and I left the jewelry in the vch (if you don’t know what a vch is, it’s a vertical clitoral hood piercing. Image searches are NSFW if you’re curious) as the retainer would be far too uncomfortable for 3-4 weeks. If I had been prepared I could have ordered a glass one but unfortunately I was about 4 weeks too late for that.

But moving on. This morning I had my last appointment with the orthodontist prior to surgery. I had some photos taken and surgical hooks put in. I also had a bracket fixed because I broke it eating pork crackle (totally worth it) a couple of weeks back. The hooks are a little weird but nowhere near as big or uncomfortable like I imagined. From what I understood of the chatter between the orthodontist and the assistant, the hooks are used to align my mouth during surgery whilst the jaw is broken so they know how to line it back up again. The whole thing took about 25 minutes from photos to finish.

I’m actually not that clued in on how the whole procedure works, as in the jaw surgery itself.  I should probably look into it but I’m not that interested. Truthfully I don’t really need to know how things work. I’m very trusting of medical professionals – I’ve never had any reason to not be so I trust they are making and doing the best for me.

But I am still a bit nervous about the first couple of days post surgery. I’m sure everything will be fine and I’ll be looked after if not. My sister tells me the first 5 days for her were the worst and I’ve heard the same from friends who have had the same surgery so at least I’m prepared for that.

I went to Kmart tonight to get a few things to prepare. I bought a new set of pj’s because I figure I’ll need them. I also bought an internet extender thingy that will mean that the wifi signal will actually reach my old bedroom at my parentals where I’ll be staying for the initial recovery period. Tomorrow night I’ll start packing because on Wednesday night my fiance and I will load the dog and all my belongings and go stay at my parents because on Thursday I will be going to the hospital.

I’m actually really excited at this stage. I’m eating everything I can because I’ll be on liquids and soft food for what I’m sure will feel like forever. I’m drinking all the wine and I’ve stopped smoking so yay for me!

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