Jaw Surgery Update

Day 2 was a bad day. My face was really swollen, I had barely slept and I felt nauseous all day. My back and neck were sore were from sleeping on my back which I’m really not used to and I just couldn’t get comfortable no matter what.

I barely ate all day and even felt dizzy showering which is a little scary. That’s as long as an update as you’re getting because I don’t really remember much of it.

Day 3 was much better. I took my strapping off and I can start to feel sensations again. It seems to only be my bottom lip and the center of my chin that I can’t feel anything. It’s weird though because I’ve been applying mass amounts of lip balm to my lips and I know I’m touching my lip because I can feel it on my finger but I can’t feel it through my lip itself. So strange. My tongue still hasn’t quite figured out it’s doing and where it’s going. I’m very aware of it at all times so I think I need to lay off it and just let it rest naturally. I’m able to open my mouth enough to fit pills in which is cool but I’m still on liquid foods. Mama has made me an amazing chicken and mushroom soup which I would happily live on forever. I’ve also been having a lot of yogurt mixed with jelly and banana milkshakes. That’s been the extent of my food choices so far. I’m not hungry and I don’t feel hungry but I’m eating for the sake of it. I didn’t eat enough yesterday because I woke up during the night feeling sick and dizzy and I think it was the lack of calories. I’m not sure how many I’m consuming per day but I can’t imagine it’s more than 700 which is significantly lower than what I should be having.

The rest of the days have been the same really. The swelling is going down which is great and I’m able to eat things as long as they are mashed in to other foods. For example last night I slow cooked some steak with potatoes, carrots and celery and was able to eat it so that was great. Food has been pretty simple. Lots of soups and mushy weetbix with milk, yogurt with blended berries, banana milkshakes. It’s not too bad. I haven’t lost as much weight as I thought but that’s not too much of a problem.

I’m back at home now which is really great. I was getting bored at my parents place. I’m allowed to exercise now but it has to be really low impact. I did 3 of the Fitness Marshall workouts yesterday and felt like I’d done an hour of HIIT workouts so I need to take it slow. It’s hard as well because if I move my head too quickly or bend it down I get a bit light headed so it’s quite limiting. I’m looking forward to getting back into yoga but all the videos I like involve a lot of downward dog so I’ll have to skip that for a bit longer.

Overall I’m pretty happy with how recovery is going. I only had one real bad day and that seems to be pretty tame compared to what I’ve read by other people.

I was going to upload some photos but it seems wordpress is not co-operating today so please check out my Instagram for some updates xvalentinabrennix









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