Wardrobe Clean Out

Part of my goals for September was to clean out my wardrobe. It was also something I’ve been putting off doing for a very long time because I didn’t want to admit to myself how much I was holding on to that I either didn’t use or didn’t fit me anymore. Whilst I’m now happy to admit that I’ve put on weight and no longer weigh what I did 5 years ago, somehow admitting that most of the clothing that I love didn’t fit me anymore was just too much. And to be honest, it still is. I haven’t gotten rid of much – what I did instead was store those items in tubs and put them in the storage space under the stairs. I’ve given myself until the end of the year to either fit into those clothes again and keep them, or to sell/donate them.

It’s really hard because most of the items I’ve put away have some sort of sentimental value to them. There’s the Dizingof coat that I bought when I got my very first full time job. There’s the Alannah Hill dress that I wore to every wedding I was invited to for about 2 years. There’s the leather jacket my parents bought me for my 17th birthday, a jacket that they knew I wanted but couldn’t afford and yet they bought it for me even though they themselves couldn’t really afford the splurge. It’s these things that keep me holding on. Plus the idea that I could potentially fit into them again!

Anyway over the weekend I gave myself the task of cleaning and organising my wardrobe and it took a lot less time than I expected. I imagine it’s because I cleaned it out only a few months ago and was pretty ruthless with it so it makes sense this time round it was a lot easier.

Here are some photos of my progress.

Before. The empty cube up the top held towels which were moved to the bathroom a couple of weeks ago.


This is just the hanging stuff in my wardrobe. I own a lot of dresses and skirts for someone who doesn’t really wear them all that often


The items that are going to be stored under the stairs for the time being


The items that are being thrown out because they aren’t in a condition to be donated or sold

After. And I still have the spare cube!

Overall it only took me about an hour and a half. And it’s made a heap of difference. I can clearly see what I own and what I have which will make it easier to choose clothing quickly. The only thing I want to do now is buy a few more wooden hangers, for tops and to hang pants so I can hang my jeans up as well.


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