Jaw Surgery Update – 3 Weeks Post Op

So I’m three weeks post surgery today. I can’t tell you how good the recovery has been for me. I’ve had no bad side effects, no real bad days and I’ve been pretty good the whole time. I’ve been tired, a bit uncomfortable and swollen but nothing too serious.

I’ve had two check ups already with the surgeon who has been really happy with my progress. He even mentioned both times how well and how quickly I’ve managed to recover so that’s good news. I’ve had x-rays taken and I have so much metal in my mouth now. At this stage I only have swelling on my chin. My lower lip and chin are still pretty numb so I still need to be very conscious when I eat. I just have to make sure I keep dabbing my lip and chin to make sure there’s no food dripping down. I had a check up with the orthodontist this morning and that too went well. He has given me more elastics to wear because my lower front teeth still aren’t perfectly aligned with the top teeth. I’m not actually sure if it’s because my jaw isn’t sitting in the right place or whether I’m not sitting my jaw correctly because my teeth aren’t aligned. I’ve definitely overthought it all because I have no idea where my jaw comfortably sits.

Anyway here are a couple of pics from today. You can check out the recovery posts here and here.

This morning after the orthodontist

Food wise I’ve been eating a much more varied diet. I’m able to eat pasta so I’ve had heaps of pasta bake and lasagna. I can chew small bits of meat and I haven’t yet tried to eat a steak or piece of chicken in its entirety. My jaw does hurt with too much chewing so I’m taking it easy and just doing what feels comfortable. I had a fillet of salmon last night and that was really good.

So overall I’m really happy with everything so far. It’s been an expensive exercise but it’s been so worth it.

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