Jaw Surgery Update – 4 Weeks Post Op

My gosh, it’s been 4 weeks since my surgery! I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown. There’s not a whole lot to update. I’ve not had any issues and I haven’t seen the surgeon or the orthodontist since the last update so nothing new to share there. I guess the main thing to share is that I’m eating a range of foods again which is really exciting. I’ve been able to have fish and butter chicken so it’s been nice to chew foods with different textures again.

Day 3 compared to Week 4

Going out is hard. I went out for pancakes the other day so that was good but I just have to be so conscious of the fact that I could have food all down my face and just not know. Lucky most people I know are more than happy to tell me when that is the case.

I still can’t quite open my jaw up as wide as I used to but that will take time so bites are smaller than pre surgery and I do need to cut things up a lot more. I have elastics in so that also minimises the size of the food that I’m eating.

I’m still partially swollen but it’s only really noticeable if you know I’ve had surgery and have been really keeping track. People who walk past me on the street really wouldn’t notice.

I went back to work this week. It’s been exhausting. It’s been great to be back but it’s just so tiring. Waking up to an alarm is really not pleasant when you’ve naturally woken up for the past 3.5 weeks. The drive to work is tiring, it’s 45 minutes so its tiring at the best of times but more so now. I seem to lose a lot of energy throughout the day because I’m around people and have to talk and work and it’s just so exhausting.  I get home and just want to do nothing except eat and go straight to bed. I haven’t been sleeping well either so that’s not helping with being tired. I woke up at 2.30 am on Tuesday morning and didn’t get back to sleep. I didn’t end up going to work that day so that was lucky but this morning I woke up at 4.15 am hence why I’m using my get ready time to write a blog post because I’ve been ready for ages. My exercise routine has changed since I started work. I really just don’t have the energy and whilst I felt bad about it, I have to keep reminding myself that I only had surgery 4 weeks ago. It seems so long ago but it’s still a relatively short amount of time and I just need to remember that my body is still recovering and it will take time to get back to it’s normal energy levels.

I have noticed that I have a bit of a lisp. I think its a combination of the elastics in my mouth and the fact that I can’t open my jaw up as wide so it’ll be interesting to see if/when that disappears and I’ll speak how I normally did prior to surgery. Apparently my voice has changed a bit but again I’m not so sure how much that has to do with the elastics and jaw widening.

It’s funny, at work I have some people who are like “OMG you’ve changed so much!” Whilst others just kinda look at me and you can see them thinking ‘something is different but I’m not sure what.’ So that is pretty funny.

I have my next appointment with the surgeon on Monday so that’ll mark the 4.5 week mark of surgery. It’s really just a check up but I think he’s going to give me some exercises to work on increasing my jaw which will be good. I’m dying to bite into a burger so it’ll help with that at least.



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