Why Self-Care Matters

Self-care isn’t just about things that you can physically do. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, many people think self-care is what you typically see on Instagram – green smoothies, yoga at sunrise and meditation. Whilst it can be those things and it definitely is for a lot of people, I wanted to start a series on other things that I consider self-care that aren’t necessarily obvious.

This motivation has come as I’m a couple of weeks into a coaching course through Beautiful You. It’s certainly interesting so far but it’s made me start thinking about what sort of coaching I want to do and develop a niche. At the moment, I want to work with younger women in terms of confidence/self-esteem and also developing boundaries in order to have fulfilling and authentic relationships with themselves and those around them. In order to do this I want to explore areas of self-care that will help with that.

The reason I want to work with these issues is that I’ve realise that a lot of females struggle with them because they’ve been socialised that way. We’re taught from a young age that other people have the right to dictate our looks and behaviour. We’re taught to ignore our intuition when as young girls we’re forced to kiss and hug hello adults and strangers. This also reinforces that our bodies are not ours to control, but that our needs and wants should be compromised for the sake of politeness. We’re taught that young girls who are assertive are ‘bossy’ and it is always used as a negative. It really comes to no surprised that so many young women don’t know how to navigate boundaries.

Obviously this isn’t the case for every single female but it is for a lot of them. And I want to help them. It pains me to see those around me struggling and not being comfortable with themselves. It kills me that so many women lack confidence in themselves and have to rely on the judgement of everyone around them – regardless of how good or bad that advice is.

It’s something that has always been so important to me but one of those things that I never really knew I wanted to do something about. But I do because I’ve learnt a lot over the years and have found ways to put myself first no matter the situation. This doesn’t make me selfish and in fact, the only people who are bothered by it are the ones who are no longer able to take advantage of or control me.

I haven’t worked out the logistics yet – whether it’ll be a weekly, monthly or whenever I feel like it series but it will be here. If you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them. And I hope you all enjoy the series!

4 thoughts on “Why Self-Care Matters

  1. Its something I’ve considered for a while but just hadn’t actually taken that step to do it. I strongly recommend looking at the Beautiful You course if you are interested – I’ve had a look at a lot of them and this one definitely stood out especially as its based in Australia.


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