When we think about time we rarely think in terms of it going at just the right pace. When we’re enjoying something time goes far too quick, when we’re not, like at work, it drags on and every minute feels like an hour. Looking back it seems like it was only yesterday that my 1 year old nephew was born, but now that it’s Monday it feels like the weekend is forever away.

Time is precious and I want my days to reflect that. I spend so much of it at work and on my phone mindlessly scrolling – although a lot less than I used to. I watch a lot of tv when I could be reading the many books I own but haven’t started, doing additional study in a course that I recently enrolled in and really love, practicing yoga and poses I’m having difficulty with or engaging in something that’s actually important to me. I brush those things off because I’m tired or can’t be bothered because they’re more effort than lying around.

I act as if I have plenty of time. Maybe I do. But maybe I don’t. What I can do is use my time more wisely, be more aware of how I’m spending my time and only spending it with people who are important to me.

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