Dance Workout

I started dance classes a couple of months back and I love it. I’ve always loved dancing, especially as a form of exercise so when I came across a dance studio that is a 7 minute drive from my house and not unreasonably expensive. I jumped on it!

I started Twerking classes and I have to say whilst I have booty, I’m not that great at it but it’s a great confidence booster regardless. I just finished up the 6 week course and as I’m going away for a couple of weeks I thought I’d leave signing up again until the new year.

But that hasn’t stopped me from you-tubing a heap of dance videos and I’ve found myself a bunch that I’ve put into a “workout’ mix for myself.

Click HERE for the playlist

Here are the individual videos

Warm Up

Morning Yoga for Flexibility – Tara Stiles

‘Buttons’ Pussycat Dolls – The Fitness Marshall

‘I’m A Slave For You’ Britney Spears – The Fitness Marshall

Main Component

‘Work’ Rihanna – The Fitness Marshall

‘Lose Control’ Missy Elliot – The Fitness Marshall

‘Milkshake’ Kelis – The Fitness Marshall

‘Yeah’ Usher – The Fitness Marshall

Warm Down

‘London Bridge’ Fergie – The Fitness Marshall

‘Numb’ Nick Jonas – The Fitness Marshall

10 Minute Workout Arms – Tonic

Cool Down Routine – Tara Stiles

The whole thing goes for about 50 minutes and I usually burn around 400 calories doing it. I think it’s so important to find workouts that you enjoy doing and this is definitely one that I enjoy. I hope you do too!


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