New Beginnings

So, I’ve made a few changes on my blog. Bit of an update. It’s a bit more to my liking now. The layout to me is more aesthetically pleasing and the fonts are much more me. There will probably be a number of changes over the next few weeks whilst I tweak things but I hope you all like the changes.

In saying that, I’ve been working a lot of making changes to this blog. I want it to flourish and I want to give it the time it deserves. So what does that mean? Well it means reevaluating the types of posts I write. On reflection I realised many posts were being written because I knew they would get views but that’s not what I want to be about. I want to connect with my readers and provide content that’s exciting for you guys as well as me. I want to be mindful and passionate about what I’m writing.

So things will be scattered and sporadic whilst I figure this shit out but it’ll be fun and I hope you all stick around.

I’d love some of your input so what sort of content do you want to keep seeing? Is there anything new you want to see? Anything to get rid of?

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