2018 Goals – January Summary

I never posted my intentions for January as I was focusing setting up a new website but I set some goals for the month.


Goal – Follow the Diced program and exercise 6 days a week

Reality – I got up to Day 22 and then I got sick. Not enough to not exercise but enough that I couldn’t manage a HIIT workout. So whilst I still exercised 6 days a week it wasn’t following the program entirely.


Goals – Re-evaluate budget for the year

Reality – I’ve readjusted my budget to suit my upcoming needs. I have a few holidays coming up as well as my own wedding so need to stick to my limits. I want to print out a yearly calendar and mark my yearly, quarterly and monthly bills so I can refer to it throughout the year.


Goals – Read more books that I enjoy

Reality – I haven’t read a lot this month but I rediscovered how much I love reading children’s/young adult books. I purchased the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tales which I’ve been reading most nights.


Goal – Purchase domain names/hosting and work out what I need to set up a coaching business

Reality – The domains and hosting have been purchased and I have a list of things that I need to look into.


Goal – Arrange coaching

Reality – I have arrange to see a coach in March. This is part of my coaching course.


Goal – Work out how to develop my spirituality

Reality – I looked into a few ways so I want to start exploring those options in the future.


Goal – To spend time with people whose company I enjoy

Reality – I did this one pretty well. I’ve barely seen the people in my life that don’t bring me any sort of joy and spent more time with those that I do. It has been lonely – I miss my friends who have moved away and it has solidified to me that I want to expand my social group with people who have similar interests.

My January goals were pretty simple but I didn’t want to rush into the new year with big, grand goals. I’ve done that before and have fail quickly so I’m hoping this approach will benefit me more


What were your goals and how did you go? Feel free to link them below!

2 thoughts on “2018 Goals – January Summary

  1. nataliesalchemy

    How exciting! I’d love to know more about that coaching program you’re in. Do they have a website? I think you did pretty damn well for your goals this month. 🙂

    xx Natalie


    1. Yes they do. It’s http://www.beautifulyoucoachingacademy.com/ . I looked through many courses before settling on this one. One of the main reasons I picked it is that it’s based in Melbourne where I’m from so it makes it easier to attend the live calls. It also has a wonderful community feel to it as well and they have Inspiration days which coincide with graduating classes that you can attend and meet others also in the course.


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