2018 Goals – February

This year I’ve decided to break my goals up into monthly goals. I found the longer ones were draining me especially when I wasn’t able to do something about them on a monthly basis. I’ve decided this year to focus on smaller goals that could potentially lead to bigger goals.

I re-evaluated the headings and decided to change Career to Coaching and also added Websites. Websites and Coaching may intertwine at times as I’m working on a business page but it will also include goals for this blog as well.

Here they are.


Goal – Create a personalised email address and register a new pinterest account with that email address.


Goal – Write in my reflections journal every night.


Goal – Re-label savings funds in my ING account to make them more aligned with my savings goals.

Goal – Print out a yearly calendar, fill out with approximate dates of when bills are due and place in a prominent position at home.


Goal – Finish the Diced program. I missed most of week 4 in January so I’m starting from that point again. I have 3 weeks of it to complete in February.


Goal – Read one Edgar Allen Poe story once a week for the month.


Goal – To spend less time being caught up in other people’s drama.


Goal – Attend a women’s circle.


Personal Blog Goal – Brainstorm what staple posts I want to create each month.

Professional Website Goal – see ‘Coaching’

Again, the goals are very simple and I’m ok with that. Sometimes we want big, dramatic goals and sometimes not so much. I want my goals to feel natural and aligned to who I am.


What are your goals?



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