How to: Declutter your Wardrobe

Minimalism became a part of my life a couple of years ago. Walking into my house you probably wouldn’t really notice it. I don’t subscribe to the extreme notions of minimalism but I do try to adhere to only keeping things that serve a purpose.

I’m fairly good at throwing things out. My only issue is my wardrobe. I hold onto things for financial and sentimental reasons but mostly because I have this idea that I’m going to fit into it again. That’s my biggest hurdle. Instead of getting rid of those items I end up storing them in the space under my stairs. I’ve given myself 12 months before looking at them again. If by that time they don’t fit then they go. I’ve already made sure my fiance knows to get rid of them for me.

I’ve decluttered a lot so I’ve gotten quite good at going through my wardrobe. Here are my 3 steps to clearing out a wardrobe.

Step 1 – The dump!

Grab everything you have in your wardrobe and dump it on the bed or floor or anywhere you have a bit of space. This is the fun part but it’s also the part that makes me most anxious. I hate looking at the sheer amount of items I have, considering my rotation of clothes is fairly small. It serves as a reminder of how much money I’ve spent on things that are rarely used.

Step 2 – Go through your clothes

Start by dividing things into 2 piles – one pile of things you want to get rid of and one for everything else. The main focus of this step is to look for the things you want to get rid of. Don’t spend too much time on this. Try to make it as instinctual as possible and only give yourself a couple of seconds for each item.

Go through your everything else pile. Here you can take more time with each item but again, try and trust your instincts. Also, view each item for what it is – clothing and nothing more. It’s easy to get caught up in what I do – the sentimental, the financial, the idea of who you are when they fit. Let go of those ideas and focus on fit and how you feel in them. Divide these clothes into 3 piles – add anything you don’t want to your get rid of pile, anything you want to keep in a new pile and anything you’re not sure of in another pile.

Try on your not sure pile. Divide them into things you want to keep and things you don’t. If you have anything left over because you’re not sure, create a new pile.

Now go through your get rid of pile. I usually divide these into 3 piles as well. One for clothes to give to friends or family, one for donations and one that are too trashed and need to be thrown out.

Step 3 – Organise!

Put back all the clothes you are going to keep. Hang up what you can and fold everything else in neat piles. There are plenty of articles on Pinterest on cool ways to store your clothes.

Pop the clothes you aren’t sure about into a box or container. Store them away for 6 to 12 months or whatever time length feels right to you.

If you are giving any clothing to friends or family, organise to catch up with them as soon as possible to hand them over otherwise it’s easy for those items to slip back into your wardrobe. Same with your donation pile. Arrange to drop them off or have them picked up within a couple of days.

Throw your getting rid of pile into a garbage bag and straight into the bin. There is no point having it in your space.

If you do have a not sure pile that has been stored away, you can follow these steps again when your time frame is up and you want to go through them.

And you’re done.

3 easy yet time consuming steps and your wardrobe is decluttered.

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