February Goals Update

My February goals were only half reached but this month has felt a bit off to me and I can’t quite pinpoint why. I’ve put off a lot of things that I feel “need” doing only to find that there’s really been no consequence to not doing them so I’m going to just roll with that feeling. I want to trust my intuition more so starting with things that only really affect me seems the way to go.

Here are my February goals and how I went meeting them.


Goal – Create a personalised email address and register a new pinterest account with that email address.
50/50 DONE
I registered the new email account and I haven’t created a new pinterest account but I have started working on pins and links to eventually put up there.


Goal – Write in my reflections journal every night. DONE


Goal – Re-label savings funds in my ING account to make them more aligned with my savings goals. DONE

Goal – Print out a yearly calendar, fill out with approximate dates of when bills are due and place in a prominent position at home.
For some reason I complete forgot about this goal but no matter. I will move it to March.


Goal – Finish the Diced program. I missed most of week 4 in January so I’m starting from that point again. I have 3 weeks of it to complete in February.
My shoulder and neck would just not cope with the intensity of this workout. I tried one and strained my muscles more. Then I tried doing a lite version and that didn’t work out either. In the end I stuck with yoga and dancing and now my neck/shoulder feels a lot better.


Goal – Read one Edgar Allen Poe story once a week for the month.
I tried. I really did. I just don’t think I can tell myself to read a book. It needs to be instinctual. So next time I will change it to read a book a week or something that is along the same vein but not so specific. I did however read 4 books during the month.


Goal – To spend less time being caught up in other people’s drama. DONE


Goal – Attend a women’s circle.
50/50 DONE
I didn’t attend a women’s circle but I attended a Q&A by Gala Darling where I was able to meet other people.


Personal Blog Goal – Brainstorm what staple posts I want to create each month. DONE

Professional Website Goal – see ‘Coaching’ DONE

3 thoughts on “February Goals Update

  1. It’s a great setting your goals for each and every month , then analyzing them all one after one during month’s last day or end time. Very few people are able to do so. Some say they are too busy to part time for setting goals and some have views that there is no need to set any goal. But, in my views , setting goals for each and every month and then working on them is the best way we can accomplish different tasks. 🙂


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