Intentional Spending February Wrap Up

Here is the February Wrap Up. A little late but better than never!

Feb Update (2)

It was definitely an interesting month! I left off the phone, Netflix, Lost Dogs Home donation and Monash Advancement donation as they are a fixed cost.

Here are some key notes.

The Pericision ended up being no charge as my health insurance paid for the whole thing. My trip to NZ was also less costly than I anticipated. My fiance a couple of days before the trip decided he would cover most of the costs as he had a bit of spare cash hence why my costs are so low.

My make up trial is a bit of a funny story – I never actually had it because the make up artist “lost”my booking and had booked someone else on the day I needed her. So I booked a new one and the $150.00 was for the deposit for the new MUA.

I didn’t end up getting new jeans as I remembered I had stored some away under the stairs as they were too small for me. I pulled them out and they fit again which is great news. I also didn’t end up going out for a special dinner. I had planned to do that the night I had my make up trial but as that didn’t happen there didn’t seem a need to go out for no reason.

My consult for Dermal  Aesthetics was a bit of a surprise cost wise. They had a special on where I could get 6 treatments for the price of 4. As the treatments are around $400 each I decided that it was well worth taking advantage of it seeing as I would be saving $800.00 on something that I was always going to purchase. So the initial cost was high but I now don’t have to pay anything for the treatments.  I went a bit crazy with the lipsticks. I blame getting my braces off and now I have a lipstick for every occasions and won’t have to buy anymore which is nice.

I didn’t end up buy the lunch case/travel bag. It just never got around to it but it’ll stay on my list as I do want one. I want to reduce my waste so it seems to be a good idea to not use a plastic bag everyday.  Also I didn’t spend anything on dinner before the Unwritten Law as I ended up eating at home.

I didn’t purchase anything on my additional spending list but I did make an extra purchase this month which was booking a hotel suite for a few nights for our wedding. That set me back $1624.00 but that money had already been saved so I don’t really see it as an expense. I bought lunch a couple of times which didn’t amount to more than $15.00 for the month and I bought a meal plan guide for $30.00. I’m not sure why as I’ve never used any of the other ones but who knows, maybe this one will be different.

I don’t believe I was exactly mindful of my purchases but I did actually think about them after the fact. I took note of how I felt and thought deeply about the reason I spent money. I now need to do that prior to handing over my credit card. Food still seems to be my biggest impulse and whilst the groceries budget was pretty spot on, it doesn’t take into account the times my fiance bought food and I also have to consider that we spent a week in NZ.

Overall I’m pretty happy with my spending for my February pay. I did go over budget but in the long run that has saved me a significant amount of money. It means I can use that in another area when the time comes for it or I can put it into savings or the mortgage.


How did your month go?


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